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I’m sure you’ve noticed that once people get on the internet, they seem to want to behave like complete dicks. Anyone who uses Twitter will have encountered at least one sour puss who just can’t let anyone else have a good time. You know the one – the guy who can’t stand to see all the hype about X, Y or Z. The one who has nothing better to do than spend his day explaining why YOU should be having a shit one. Hell, you’ve probably done it yourself at least once or twice.

Well, I made a game about it. Being a dick on Twitter, I mean – not about having a shit day. And if the tendency of people who play video games holds true, none of you will be able to resist doing exactly that, even though I’ve given you the option to be perfectly reasonable. I know what you’re like. Don’t even pretend I don’t.


This was my first time making any kind of game at all, so I suppose I am feeling a little bit accomplished. It took a bit of encouragement and a lot more thinking than I’d originally thought, but while I didn’t quite do everything I wanted to do with it, I managed to get most everything working the way I wanted it to, and anything I left or cut out ended up superfluous anyway. It’s all a learning experience – not just in the technical side of making a game, but in drawing the art for it, too. Still, I’m quite happy with how this turned out.

Oh, and there are four endings. Enjoy!


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