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I was talked into making a quick, crappy game for the Pirate Kart V. I’m still working with Ren’py so I made a quick little visual novel about being a pirate. Because you’ve all thought about it, and now you can experience just what it’s like to live the pirate life! At least, as far as I imagine. I’ve been a little under the weather this weekend, so I can’t really promise it’s anything more than my slightly off-kilter delusions.

In any case, it has terrible awesome art and totally inappropriate appropriate music. It’ll be on the Pirate Kart at GDC, or you can just follow the links to download a copy on the Glorious Trainwrecks website. Go be pirates!

A Pirate's Life

A Pirate’s Life at Glorious Trainwrecks

(.zip file should contain builds for win | mac | linux)

I took a little break from the current game I’m working on to make this, but though I’ve been super busy and unable to meet my previous estimate for when it would be finished, it’s mostly done. It’s actually turned out a long longer than I initially anticipated. After this I think I will take a little departure from Ren’py for now and experiment with some other frameworks.


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