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It is finally finished!

My second game took a lot longer to complete than I was anticipating. At first it was another small project, but somehow I ended up writing a lot more than I’d intended. Fritter clocked in at less than 1,000 words of dialogue and just under 100 screens. Let’s Playing English has almost 6,000 words of dialogue and 430 screens. That’s a big leap!

Let's Playing English

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In keeping with my apparent theme of offending every demographic I seem to be a part of, this game is about coming to Japan to teach English… And finding it not quite what you were expecting. It is in no small part based on my experience of coming to Japan a few years ago, with many things inspired by real-life occurrences, and a couple that are identical. I won’t spoil it for you, but I really did get taken to a home goods store on my first day and asked to purchase everything I needed then and there without ever setting foot inside my apartment. I hope I captured the sense of sheer bewilderment about coming here as an English teacher or ALT.

Obviously, plenty of people I know won’t find that this experience was confluent with theirs. I don’t mean to paint the life of a foreigner living in Japan in a bad way – after all, I’ve stayed for five years – but rather a tongue-in-cheek “simulation” for people who might be expecting something a little unrealistic. Or, alternately, an ex-pat joke we can all find some amusement in one way or the other!


I drew character portraits for this game. That was a learning experience and a half! I think I am taking this square-brush theme I seem to have developed and applying that to pixel art in the future. I like it, it feels sort of more personalised and “me” than simply recreating pixel art in a colour-by-numbers fashion. So far I have tested the game on my housemate, an English teacher here in Tokyo, who seemed to enjoy it and not be instantly offended. In fact, so far playing the game has induced many anecdotes about similar experiences, which is exactly what I’d like it to do really.

I apologise in advance for any mistakes in the Japanese. I really put that in with the intention of people who don’t speak Japanese playing the game, but I know that plenty of people who are Japanese-speaking foreign teachers of English will play the game. Those errors are entirely my fault!

Music is by Kevin MacLeod, whose awesome tracks I used in my previous two mini-games. I think this will be my last experiment in Ren’py for the moment, as I’m going to try out some different frameworks next and make something other than a visual novel. 🙂

Hope you enjoy it! Download the game from the link at the top.


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I was talked into making a quick, crappy game for the Pirate Kart V. I’m still working with Ren’py so I made a quick little visual novel about being a pirate. Because you’ve all thought about it, and now you can experience just what it’s like to live the pirate life! At least, as far as I imagine. I’ve been a little under the weather this weekend, so I can’t really promise it’s anything more than my slightly off-kilter delusions.

In any case, it has terrible awesome art and totally inappropriate appropriate music. It’ll be on the Pirate Kart at GDC, or you can just follow the links to download a copy on the Glorious Trainwrecks website. Go be pirates!

A Pirate's Life

A Pirate’s Life at Glorious Trainwrecks

(.zip file should contain builds for win | mac | linux)

I took a little break from the current game I’m working on to make this, but though I’ve been super busy and unable to meet my previous estimate for when it would be finished, it’s mostly done. It’s actually turned out a long longer than I initially anticipated. After this I think I will take a little departure from Ren’py for now and experiment with some other frameworks.

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that once people get on the internet, they seem to want to behave like complete dicks. Anyone who uses Twitter will have encountered at least one sour puss who just can’t let anyone else have a good time. You know the one – the guy who can’t stand to see all the hype about X, Y or Z. The one who has nothing better to do than spend his day explaining why YOU should be having a shit one. Hell, you’ve probably done it yourself at least once or twice.

Well, I made a game about it. Being a dick on Twitter, I mean – not about having a shit day. And if the tendency of people who play video games holds true, none of you will be able to resist doing exactly that, even though I’ve given you the option to be perfectly reasonable. I know what you’re like. Don’t even pretend I don’t.


This was my first time making any kind of game at all, so I suppose I am feeling a little bit accomplished. It took a bit of encouragement and a lot more thinking than I’d originally thought, but while I didn’t quite do everything I wanted to do with it, I managed to get most everything working the way I wanted it to, and anything I left or cut out ended up superfluous anyway. It’s all a learning experience – not just in the technical side of making a game, but in drawing the art for it, too. Still, I’m quite happy with how this turned out.

Oh, and there are four endings. Enjoy!

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