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That took a lot longer than I’d imagined.

I started experimenting with Stencyl, thinking to make a “short” game just to get acquainted. Turns out Stencyl wasn’t too keen on getting acquainted with me. I ran into a lot of problems (though I learned along the way what I was doing wrong, mostly) and a couple of bugs and things I couldn’t fix without help.

I set out to make a game based on the original SCP Foundation¬†article, SCP-173: The Sculpture. I’d seen that someone had made a game of one of the other SCP articles, and there was some talk in a community I’m part of about wanting to see one made of SCP-173. Being a fan of all things creepy, I decided to oblige! This is how SCP-173 came about.


It was by no means easy. But I managed to make what I set out to make, in the end, and that’s something. I tried a lot of new stuff with this game, and while it might not look like it took me days and days to make it, I’m happy with what I got out of the experience. I even made the music and sound effects this time (my first attempt doing anything of the sort, which probably explains… A few things.) so all in all I tried a lot of new things.

I love the SCP Foundation website, and I already have plans to make one or two other SCP articles into games. Next I’m going to move on to Unity, and from there stick with Unity and Stencyl for the foreseeable future. I need to level this shit up.

You can play the game in your browser by clicking the link/banner above. Hooray! Nothing to download this time! Aren’t you pleased? Tell me you’re pleased. I am.

It’s something of a horror-endurance game. The general idea is “press space to not die”. Enjoy.


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