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I have not been idle!

As I think I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to concentrate on Stencyl and Unity for the next little while. I made a simple little test game in Unity to learn the ropes – I ended up making a rather cliched maze, but I decided to upload it anyway for posterity.


WASD keys to move, mouse to look around. Find the keys and let yourself through the gate.

It’s simple. That’s fine, I still had a lot of help putting it all together. The music doesn’t loop perfectly like it did when I put it together, I forgot to animate the gate. I might have made terrain and any number of other things, but I’m still pleased with it as a learning experiment. Now I can move on to making games with stories again!

I found the (free) textures and plant models in various places. The sounds were royalty-free SFX. I made the little loop of piano notes. Everything else was made in Sketchup and then imported into Unity. I enjoyed learning Unity more than learning Stencyl, to be honest, but I don’t want all that Stencyl work to go to waste so I’ll persevere!


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